Pretty much all occasions of human life are worth celebrating except for funerals. Funerals are events that nobody wants in their lives, yet they have to go through them once or more in their lifetime. While words can cease to hold any meaning in such times, flowers are a great way to show your support.

In these grave moments of one’s life, saying anything can make it worse. Thus, to show your support silently, you can send flowers. Now, questions like how to choose the flowers that can fit the situation might be coming to your mind. So, to solve them, in this article, you will find various flowers that you can send to your loved ones during funerals.

Peace Lily Plant

The peace lily plant signifies the rebirth of the soul which has departed. So, to indicate to the family members of the deceased that the soul is in a better place, you can choose this one. After all, thinking of rebirth can give peace to the family.


Funeral homes are often decorated with lilies. Lilies signify peace, peace to the deceased soul and their loved ones. So, if you want to show love and offer peace, you can send lilies to a funeral.


Dark red roses are ideal for funerals. However, if the deceased was your friend, then you can send yellow roses too. A bouquet of white roses is suitable if someone young dies.


Different colours of carnations carry different meanings. The red ones are for love and care, and the white ones are for purity. If the death took place in a Christian family, then you can send pink carnations as they believe that this flower is created by the tears of the virgin mary.


Orchids signify the promise of eternal love. So, if someone has lost their loved one or the other half, sending orchids would be a great idea to remind them that the deceased has always loved them.


Hyacinth signifies, “You are included in my prayers.” These flowers are suitable for expressing mixed emotions related to grief and anger. Also, to show your support, you can send these flowers.


Hydrangea could be a perfect pick to send to a funeral if you want to showcase true and deep heartfelt emotions. It showcases love, deep emotions and support.


In Europe and America, these flowers signify sympathy and honour. However, these flowers are offered in baby showers in Asia as they are associated with rebirth. Since these flowers are associated with sympathy, honour and rebirth, you can send them to funerals.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the popular funeral flowers with their meaning. You can also send a mix of flowers to deliver a strong heartfelt message. If you are wondering where or how to buy flowers, then you can order some online.

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