Is the thought of large rubbish left behind after an event giving you an incessant headache? Well, skip bins are the best-kept secret to keeping your grounds as free of rubbish as it was before hosting an event. The food cans, plastic packaging, water bottles, and any imaginary form of rubbish simply becomes a no-brainer task with skip bins.

Even better, skip bins are the best way to cut the post-event clean up budget. Your waste management budget can be dramatically reduced when you hire skip bins for your events.

Here are some factors to consider when hiring skin bins for an event

1.  Number and location

The trick to having an effective event waste management is to hire both large and small skip bins when you are hosting an event. Here is the catch! Spreading out skip bins in such a way that your guest won’t have to wander around looking for a place to dispose rubbish is the smartest way to ensure that rubbish is well collected.

Spread out the small rubbish bins and use large skin bins to consolidate the rubbish collected from small bins

2.  Capacity

If you are hosting a large event it goes without saying that you will need to hire not only a higher number of skip bins but also a capacity that match your event. Hiring skip bins that are way less than the capacity is simply a double tragedy for your event.

Imagine a situation where all your skin bins become full to the capacity at the beginning of an event! You will not only have lost money for hiring the ineffective skip bins but also will end up with a littered ground. Before you hire skip bins always do due diligence to establish the right skip bin capacity needed for your event.

3.  Logistics

Choosing the right company that offers after-hire skip bins services is simply the smartest thing to do. When hosting a large event there are a number of other things you take care of ranging from deliveries, sound, food among other things. It therefore means that looking for a company that delivers the skip bins and even help you to strategically place the bins is simply a plus. This will help you not only to cut down the cost of waste management but also give you ample time to attend to other equally important issues.

4.  Label the skip bin to encourage proper disposal

The trick to having your guest use the skip bins in your event is by hiring attractive and well-labelled skip bins. People are more attracted to skip bins that are well labelled, and as such, there is a need to hire from a company that understands this concept. You will find that this will encourage people to keep your event looking neat and professional.

Skip bins provide the ultimate solution to keeping your event clean and organized. Better still, hiring skip bins will help you to cut down the post-event budget. Always remember to hire skip bins able to provide the needed capacity to manage all your waste.