Making our meal is a healthier option as compared to eating out. We can watch what we are eating and maintain a calorie level. According to scientists our food choices are linked to our character. We all need to learn some basic cooking skills to feed ourselves and our family.

Most of people find cooking a complicated and boring process. A simple hack can make a boring dish delicious in a simple way. Save yourself time and money cooking delicious food in your kitchen using these foolproof hacks.

Roll out lemons and limes:

Some lemon and limes feel like rocks and are not easy to squeeze. Their skin becomes so hard that it is impossible to squeeze the juice out of them. The easiest way to squeeze them is to roll them on the kitchen counter before you cut them in halves. This will soften the flesh and juice will run easily.

Dice a mango with a glass:

Slicing a mango is a very messy process if you first peel the skin with a knife and then dice it. The better way is to cut thick slices, as closer to the seed as possible, of the sides of the mango. Cut the flesh in squares with a sharp knife. Put the mango wedge on top of a glass and push it downwards to remove the skin from the flesh. Repeat all the slices and get mango cubes in just seconds.

Freeze a fresh herb mixture in olive oil:

If you love to add fresh herbs in your salad dressing but do not get enough time to prepare salad dressing for every meal, all you have to do is chop all your herbs in a go. Mix chopped herbs with olive oil. Pour these into an ice cube tray and freeze. Use the cube next time you make a salad.

Cut softer foods using dental floss:

Cutting softer foods such as sandwiches or unbaked bread full of filling in an equal ratio is not easy as the moment you apply pressure, the ingredients can pop up from the sides.  Things like cheese, cakes, bread with fillings, and Swiss rolls can now be cut precisely using dental floss.

Watch for the bubbles to know when to flip pancakes:

Some people find it hard when to flip the pancakes and burn them. Drop the batter into an oily pan. Look for bubbles around the edge of a pancake. Using a spatula remove the bottom of a pancake from the pan and carefully flip it.

Slice Steak Fries easily:

Cutting starchy fries is not easy especially if you are cooking for a lot of families. Instead of peeling potato skin, wash it thoroughly. Cut the top of the potato in half and push it through an apple slicer. Rub your potato slices with your favorite seasoning and enjoy perfectly cut steak fries. 

Soften Butter quickly:

Hard butter is difficult to spread on a slice of bread. If you forget to take it out of the fridge in time for your favorite recipe, cut it into small cubes and let it stay on the countertop for about twenty minutes. These pieces will soften quickly as compared to the whole stick.