Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the world has faced a major setback. Most of us are isolated at home with nothing to do. Most businesses have shut down and are working from home. In this time, stress and feeling of anxiety are at peak.

Mostly when people are stressed, they tend to eat more. They tend to snack much more often, and eat in larger quantities than usual. People also tend to eat when they are bored in a similar way when they are stressed.

We suggest that you take care of your health during this lockdown and maintain your weight rather than increasing it. This may seem hard with all the opportunities of snacking we have, however, with the tips we have listed below, it will become somewhat easier.  You can also head over to Mind Body Well for more useful tips.

  • Maintain a routine

Maintaining a routine can be a difficult task for many, especially during the lockdown. However, to keep your body healthy and to eat healthier, maintaining a routine becomes essential. This is because when you have a routine your body expects the food at its given time and works according to that. Not just that, but you can also get much more work done than you would when you do not have a routine. Having three proper meals a day without any snacking is excellent for your physical health as well as your mental health.

  • Do not eat where you work

If you work from home or have a routine set for yourself, then we suggest that you do not eat where you work. Rather you should go and eat in another room. What this will do is it will train your mind to ask for food at the right time. It will also mean you will need to put effort to go get the snacks you want which many people are lazy to do. This will then help in reducing the cravings for various different foods that you can snack on and will help in eating healthier.

  • Exercise

Exercise is one of the most important things one can do when trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. When you are stuck at home for months, in the end, physical exercise reaches the minimum. This can be bad for your body and can result in weight gain as well as can result in other serious matters. We believe that every day you should take out thirty minutes to exercise during the lockdown. This doesn’t mean you need to do hardcore cardio, even doing yoga which is relaxing for the body or following a tutorial online can be counted as exercise. However, the best thing you can do is go for a walk for 30 minutes each day as you will get to experience fresh air outdoors as well as get your daily exercise which will improve your mental health as well as physical health.