Taking care of your skin is essential for anyone, especially for athletes. This is because due to their training and nature of their practice, they tend to sweat a lot. This sweat and excess production of oil on your face can lead to sebum production, blocking your pores and ultimately leading to various skin problems like acne or pimples.

For athletes, skincare can also be very important as they go on national television at times and want to look good and want to have a well-maintained skin. Food intake plays a major role in skin care for this is something athletes should focus on as well. This is why to help athletes get the perfect looking skin, we have compiled together a list of ways one can care for their skin while protecting it and maintaining its health.

  • Do not share equipment or towels

When we talk about the bacterium that causes acne, it is easily able to spread through the help of mats, towels, face gear, and more. If someone else has acne and you wear their gear, then you have a high chance of getting acne too. This is because the bacteria travels. We believe that the first step athletes can take towards maintaining healthy skin and keeping it protected is to not share any of their equipment or towels. This ensures that the bacteria will not be harming their skin.

  • Shower or wash your face after practice

When you practice your sport, you tend to sweat a lot. This increases the production of sebum and leads to break outs and other problems too. Due to lack of hygiene, athletes can have other skin problems that are much graver than pimples or acne. These can be corns, warts, and more. To prevent all this, hygiene is key. You will need to either shower or thoroughly clean your body after practice just so all the dirt and bacteria that you may have acquired during practice can be washed off. You should also moisturize your skin well. Click here for Bioderma hydrabio which will keep your skin soft and smooth the whole day. 

  • Sun protection

As an athlete, there are many times when you need to do physical exercise outdoors in the sun. Now the sun can be good for your body, but only at specific times. If you go in the afternoon or late morning, chances are you might get sunburned. Due to long hours in the sun, not only will you get tanned, but you will also increase the chances of getting wrinkles, crow’s feet, and dark spots on your face. By being in the sun for too long, you also increase the risk of skin cancer. This is why we suggest that you put on sunscreen with SPF 50. This will help protect your skin from the UV rays while also using protective gear like wearing a full-sleeved shirt or wearing a hat.

By following these few tips, athletes can ensure that they are keeping their skin protected and can make sure that their skin looks and feels flawless, especially on national television. We also believe good skin and a healthy body promotes higher self-esteem which may help enhance performance too.